Movies Page

We will post movies of the baby here for you to watch. If you have a facebook page, we can also post them to our pages if you request them.

Rohan Videos:

Rohan's video collection (most recent first)
Hopping Bunny (with Ears) Playing Cymbals
Mojar Mukh! (Funny Face) Puerto Rico house and house on the Rain Forest Trail
Balloons! Baseball Bat!
Yuppa with Dimmi Rohan is a ghost
Dimmi basket Scooter (a real one this time)
Hanno-basket Monkey Ride
Scooter Timmy
Harmonica (Piano) Four is my favorite number
Fun in the pool Surprise Jump and Splash Mommy
Ride the Fire Truck with Nana Nana reads the Airplane book
The dizzy dance Timmy and Rohan having fun
Rockin out to the Turtix game Having fun on the Bee
Some new dance moves Fun piggy back rides
Fuh Fuh = corn bread Little dude bowling
Long train ride up the mountain to Mathern Playing guitar with Tin Tin
Rohan getting special treatment from Dimoni Rohan having fun at great-grandma's apartment
Rohan is literally hopping mad Rohan exploring the cabinets in Delhi
Row, row, row your boat Beep Beep! Eat
Take the infants bowling... ...take them bowling
Fun with a cup at Arbys Rohan likes to cook
Rohan has new sneakers Rohan's two words Na (No) and Woof (dog)
Rohan Playing in his peach box Rohan Walking around
Rohan Sneezing Rohan Gobbling down Shonesh (sweets)
Eating a Dhokla no 1 Eating a Dhokla no 2
Pushing a chair no 1 Pushing a chair no 2
Iguana and Ba Ba Bedtime Banging a drum and the Frog Book
Spoon Fight Playing with the gift from Aunt Susan
Playing with a balloon Whining to go outside
Fish Face Playing with Duplo Blocks
Silliness with Daddy NOT ready for bed yet
Peas Baby in the mirror
Blah Blah Blah! Ball
Fun with the dishwasher Basketball game to make a sick Rohan laugh
Jumping in the pool Standing and dancing in the crib
Having a good time in the little pool Some bubbles at Nana's house
Eating a plum Fun in the tent
New way of moving Fun with the car seat
Puffs are yummy Fun with dad
Bubble Bath time Towers of Babble
Rohan and mommy play horsey Riding his pony
More bubbles Helping with the laundry
Rohan grooving to the music of the octopus Rohan sees bubbles
Charles and Rohan Rohan now can say Mamma
Rohan can sit up all by himself NCAA scholarship? Maybe not
Dancing in the jumper Fun new game
One deer wanted a ride back to the mainland Chandreyee's winning conch blowing effort
Dancing with mommy Small deer in the FL Keyes
Reading the Chaat book Laughing on the bed
Learning the Bronx cheer Dancing on the floor
Grabbing both feet More fun on the mat
Splish Splash Bath Time Having fun on the activity mat
Giggling in the Bumbo seat Laughing at the Road Runner sound
Wriggling and talking Moo before the 2008-09 Rose Bowl (PSU vs USC)
More Squeals I'm so hungry I could eat my hand
Some coos and smiles More smiles and a squeal
An early smile Some biological confusion
Some baby snoring Good Morning from Rohan